Mary Paffard is a yoga teacher who has been visiting Cuba and working on research and exchange projects in Latino countries since 1998.   Her yoga website is www.maryyoga.com.   More information about these projects with Lyri-Ca – Latino Yoga Research Institute of California and the Americas – are available there.

DSC_1412 2

2010 GEx group with Yoga Va! Participants in Cuba

Over the years, Mary and her colleagues, Patty Hirota Cohen, Baxter Bell, Rodney Yee, Rama Jyoti Vernon, Tias Little, Chris Hoskins and many others have been involved with exchange and research regarding yoga in Cuba.  In 2010, a group of teachers who spoke Spanish were taken to Habana and Holguin to work with Mary  and Cuban Yoga teachers – this was through Global Exchange which acts as the fiscal agent for Lyri-CA.    In 2011, there was an exchange regarding Yoga with Mary and Ayurveda with Cyd Bernstein, Mary’s daughter.   Future plans for a GEx trip for teachers to continue this research and exchange in 2014 are in the pipeline!

If you wish to help fund this current project in which Mary will be part of an international conference on meditation in Habana, or want to know the status of the funding please go to GoFundMe

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